"Wallaby" Flash to HTML5 Converter Released, Useful for iOS Developers and Designers

Today Adobe releases a new software codenamed Wallaby that allows developers and designers to convert the flash based content into HTML5. As you know that iOS based devices i.e., iPhone, iPod and iPad do not support flash content, so with this app developers can actually make their content compatible with Safari and other browsers which can’t run flash content.

You can watch the video of the software after the break.


In a release, a company rep stated, “With more than 3 million Flash developers in the creative community, Adobe continues to look for new ways to help them build on their existing skills and to make their content available to the widest possible audiences. User response to the Wallaby technology preview will enable Adobe to better understand what types of innovations are needed in our long-term investments in both Flash and HTML5 technology.”

Wallaby is based on Adobe Air and has got very simple and user friendly working environment. All you have to do is to drag and drop the flash content into Wallaby to get it converted.

The resulted code can then be completely edited in software like Adobe Dreamweaver or manually using a simple text-editor.

Wallaby Flash to HTML5 converter is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.


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