Want To Keep Your Photos Private? Use Safety Photo+ ($0.99)

Feel concerned about your photos not to end up in the hands of someone else. Want to keep your privacy, then here is the solution to it, use Safety Photo+. Safety Photo+ is a kind of safe for the photos present in your iPhone.

Safety Photo +Safety Photo+ also allows you to arrange your photos as well as keeping your photos safe. Safety Photo allows you to choose your photos from the camera roll, and protects the uploaded photos with a passcode similar to the iPhone screen lock.

Safety Photo + Passcode

Within the safety, you can arrange your photos to keep your photos organized. We have a screen shot of the Albums of this Safety Photos app.

Albums of Safety Photo+Their is also an option to print and email photos, or open them in Camera roll or some of the most top rated apps of iPhone, such as Evernote and Camera+. The main thing to be noted is that, their is also an integration option with Facebook and Twitter making it easy and quick to upload your picture.

The passcode lock also two styles, one the traditional keypad lock, while the other is a bank vault style. Both styles have two motifs each, a wood theme and a gun metal gray.

Safety Photo + passcode lock traditional styleSafety Photo + Passcode Vault Style

This app is far more concerned in the safety of your photos than the your artistic expressions and looks.  Though this app has direct uploadings from the camera, it is a shame that not much attention has been given to the camera. If you are not much tempted by the creativity of your photos and just want to keep them safe, this app is the one you have been looking for. Just give this app a try.

The uploading of the picture is simple, just choose it from the camera roll and choose the album or create a new album.

Safety Photo +Safety Photo +

This app is available at a reasonable price of about $0.99. This app can be bough directly from the iTunes.

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