Where is Rotation Lock in Microsoft Surface? Find it Here

Microsoft Surface has a rotation lock hidden in the software. Unlike Apple’s iPad, there is no physical button present on Surface for rotation lock. iPad’s physical button, which is present on its side, can be configured either as a mute/unmute button or as rotation/orientation lock/unlock button. Apart from this physical button iPad also has a rotation lock option hidden under Switcher. As Surface runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system so the rotation lock is located somewhere else.

Here you’ll know how to find and enable that rotation lock on Surface.

Step 1: First of all, slide from the right side of the screen to show the menu.

Step 2: Tap on Settings. And then tap on “Screen”.

Step 3: When you will tap on Screen, it will show up the Brightness option.

Step 4: Above the brightness bar, you will see a screen icon. That is rotation lock. Tap on it to enable rotation lock. You will see an icon of lock sitting besides the screen.

Now when you will re-tap on it, it will switch back to rotation mode.

[via ShinySurface]

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