Will Most Of The iPhone Users Upgrade To iPhone 5? (INPHOGRAPHIC)

There have been a lot of speculations, guesses, design change rumors and other rumors wandering through the web at random. Every blog and website wants to have a grab at the iPhone 5. There are many unconfirmed rumors that many have believed into.  Now, it is almost confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be releasing in the mid of October.

A survey was conducted from around 1000 iPhone users which were all of 18 years of age or above on the topic that whether they will move on to get the iPhone 5 or stay on their previous preferred device.

You can have a look at this infographic, so as to better understand it.


So, on general, most of the current iPhone users are planning to upgrade to the new Apple product, iPhone 5. It looks like that the iPhone 5 will knock the sales of other smartphone out of the charts. Keep logged on our site and we will keep you updated on the latest news and rumors.

Just don’t forget to give us your opinion. Will you upgrade to or buy the iPhone 5 or not? (via Mashable)

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