Windows 8 to Have Black Screen of Death

The infamous Blue Screen of Death, or BSoD may be living its last few months. Microsoft may switch to the color black for its system error messages, in Windows 8.

WinRumors claims to have a screenshot of the error message screen, which is now black. The Blue Screen was present in early Windows 1.0 builds. But, properly introduced in Windows 3.0, and has been used ever since. Microsoft started using the color red for the error screens, in early builds of Vista. However reverted back to blue in later on.

Windows 8 - Black Screen of Death

This switch to a black error screen could be temporary, as WinRumors explains:

The switch to a Black Screen of Death could be a temporary one, similar to the switch in Longhorn build 5112. Microsoft has only ever used a Black Screen of Death in Windows 3.x when DOS-based applications failed to execute correctly. Microsoft typically uses Black screens when its operating systems are attempting to load following the power-on self-test (POST). The switch, noted by MyDigitalLife user canouna, is an interesting one and comes as Microsoft prepares its first beta copy of Windows 8 later this year.

In addition to the color change, Microsoft has also made the error message more user friendly. This would allow mainstream consumers to figure what the errors means, or at least understand what happened to their computer.

Microsoft has been working on many features for Windows, and is expected to announce a beta during PDC this year in Anaheim, California. We will be covering more on Windows 8 as we get updates. So stay tuned!

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