Leaked Windows 8 Features: Win 8 and iPod OS Combat will Start Soon

The leaked documents of Windows 8 floating around the internet show the upcoming features of Windows which include special coverage for slates. Adopting the strategy like Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is not having any plans to manufacture the slates in future, but the company will combat with other slates and tablets by launching a special Widnows 8 for such deviceĀ  which will have all the features like iPad and more.

These leaked documents show different scenarios in which Windows 8 is being used on a Lap PC. Lets see these scenarios and extracted features which are almost similar to iPad.

Scenario One:

ipad vs windows 8 slates

This scenario shows the following key features Windows 8:

  • Totally touch experience for slate
  • Location awareness
  • E-reading with different softwares to beat the iBooks in iPad
  • Wireless connectivity (but will it be able to make calls??)

It is to remind you that all above features are also present in Win 7.

Scenario 2:

This scenario shows the following features:

  • Face recognition control to login to windows.
  • “Instanly shows him his personal desktop” suggests the Windows for slates will be very fast, or very few modules will be loaded at the startup.
  • It would be able to install on portable LapPCs and slates, or even on smart phones (though not confirmed yet for smartphones because microsoft is already going to launch a new Window Phone 7 OS for mobiles)

Scenario 3:

Here is the third scenario from the leaked documents:

Well this scenario shows the following confirmed features:

  • Casual gaming
  • High definition videos
  • Support of auto-rotation screen and auto-rotation lock like the iPad

In addition to all these features Microsoft also plans to allow uses to “easily grab” information and share it. Burst communication is also on the way including social networking and IM.


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