Windows 8 to Get Metro UI from Windows Phone 7

The Metro user interface from Windows Phone received many positive reactions from the press and consumers. Inspired by the look and feel of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8 with the Metro UI.

Folks at WinFuture got their hands on a leaked copy of Windows 8. It appears to be Windows 8 Build 7955, and early preview of Milestone 3.

Windows 8 Build 7955

The screenshots and video included reveal a revamped logon screen, a revised taskbar including a user icon, metro UI, ribbon interface, and several minor improvements. The video is embedded below, and additional screenshots can be seen at the gallery at WinFuture.

Windows 8 is expected to be launched anytime next year, in 2012. A beta is also expected to be launched by or just after PDC. Which is to be held in Anaheim, CA., September 13 through September 16. [via Redmond Pie]

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