Windows Phone 7 Unboxing Videos

It would be a tough task for Microsoft to grab a handsome share for Windows Phone 7 based mobiles from existing mobile OS giants namely iOS, Android and Symbian. To fascinate the users and developers WP 7 OS has got some interesting features and capabilities before its public release like 3D games, software updates (e.g., IE) independent of firmware updates and advanced technology support like silverlight.

Here are the first unboxing videos of Windows Phone 7 mobiles made by Samsung and LG which are sent out to developers for apps and games testing. Because these early units are only for testing purpose, so they are running Technical Preview Version of Windows Phone 7 OS.

Video: Unboxing Samsung Windows Phone 7:

Microsoft is sending out LG and Samsung developer phones loaded with the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview. I have one for a few weeks and will be putting it through its paces so check out the hardware I will be using.

Video: Windows Phone 7 Startup:

Microsoft walks you through the initial setup of your device that does require a Windows Live ID to take full advantage of the operating system and included services.

Video: Windows Phone 7 User Interface:

Windows Phone 7 has a cool new interface and as you dive into the device you see that Microsoft even took care of fine details to make the experience top notch. Check out some of these elements in this video.

[via Redmond pie]

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