Winterboard for iOS4 is Out: Must have for Jailbreakers

winterboard for ios4

Apple released iOS 4 only three days ago, and Redsn0w was out to jailbreak the new iOS 4 even before its official release. One of the most popurlar reasons the people jailbreak their iPhones is this winterboard. It allows designers and users to transfer their idevices, making the non-jailbreakers jealous every where.

A friend says:

I have to admit, without Winterboard, I’d get bored looking at my phone.

The new version 0.9.3211-1 of Winterboard is almost fully compatible with iOS 4 and is available via Cydia Store.

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 4 and want to jailbreak your phone, you can either use Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w for this purpose. And if you have not updated your iDevice to iOS 4, you should read our 5 STEPS GUIDE to upgrade.

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