WP 7 Mango Beta 2 Released for Developers, SDK also Available for Download

Today Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta 2 for developers after testing it internally for several weeks. Along with WP7 Beta 2, the SDK tools for the said beta version are also available for download.

It is being announced by Microsoft that Mango update will bring more than 500 new features including multitasking, IE9, deeper social and IM integration and many more.

One of the problems Microsoft faced during previous updates was slow roll out of WP 7 updates. When NoDo was released, the users had to wait several weeks to get update on their devices. At that time many users used different methods to get early updates like Chris Walsh’s Windows Phone 7 Updater. Though the consumers got the early update by using this updater but these third party updaters also have their own disadvantages, like they were unable to the get the security update which was released after NoDo.

Mango is expected to be released in September this year; and we hope this time the users won’t have to wait for the update.

As we said WP 7 Mango beta 2 is released for developers, so only those users who are registered with Dev Devices Program on Microsoft Connect can download this release and update their device to it.

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 beta 2 can also be downloaded from here which includes:

  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (Beta2)
  • Windows Phone Emulator (Beta2)
  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Assemblies (Beta2)
  • Silverlight 4 SDK and DRT
  • Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • Microsoft Expression Blend SDK Preview for Windows Phone 7.1
  • WCF Data Services Client for Window Phone 7.1
  • Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7

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