WWDC 2011 Highlights

Though Apple has already confirmed through a press release that iOS 5, OS X Lion and iCloud will be presented in WWDC 2011 but Steve Jobs just re-confirms the same after making his appearance on stage.

In this we are going to summarize the important announcements and some important features introduced by Steve Jobs and his co-workers.

OS X Lion:

OS X Lion is the next major update for Mac machines. It is coming with many features, improvements, enhancements and bug fixes. The new features which are demonstrated at WWDC 2011 include:

  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Apps in full screen
  • Mission Control – Unification of Expose and Spaces
  • Improved Build-in App Store – adding in-app purchases, push notifications, and there’s a built-in sandboxing mode to boost security
  • LaunchPad – make a pinch gesture and all your apps appear in big grid
  • Resume – resume all your apps where you left them
  • Auto-save – OS X Lion saves the different versions of documents automatically
  • AirDrop – share anything with your friend
  • Improved and Enhanced Email app
  • Other things: there’s a Windows Migration assistant, FileVault 2, FaceTime is built in, Lion Server add-on (apps you can purchase to run on top of Lion)

Wow, Mac OS X Lion won’t be available in discs. It will be available for download through Mac App Store for just $29.99.

iOS 5:

Let’s discuss about iOS 5 features.

  • Notification – A revamped system of notifications and alerts. Notification center aggregates all the notifications just like android. You can push down and see all notifications app wise.

  • Newsstand: automatically downloads the new publications of newspapers and magazines which can be read offline.
  • Twitter – everywhere
  • Reminders – Keep all reminders at one place, sync across iOS apps
  • Camera updates – new home screen shortcut and photo editing.
  • Improved Mail-  Tons of new features (rich text formatting, indentation control, draggable addresses, search entire message, flag message, S/MIME, built-in dictionary for mail
  • New keyboard: grab it with your thumbs and go up and it splits.
  • PC free – no need of PC to activate your device.
  • iMessage – New messaging service for all iOS users (send, receive, delivery reports etc)
  • AirPlay mirroring, letting you mirror your entire iPad right to the TV — wirelessly

iOS 5 will be shipped this fall but it is available for download for developers right now.


iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your device. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices.

iCloud brings many new services like Photo streaming, photo storing, photos sync across all idevices, music sync across all idevices and Mac, iTunes in the iCloud….

Steve Jobs says:

We’re making it free, and we’re very excited about it. So that’s iCloud. It stores your content and pushes it to all of your devices, and it’s integrated with all your apps.


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