Xcode 4.2 DP 5 Along with Apple TV Beta 4 Released

Apple’s slew of recent releases includes the latest build of iOS 5 beta 5 and the beta version of iTunes 10.5 beta 5, both of which are available only to select registered developers with Apple’s developer’s program. Coupled with these is the release of the Xcode 4.2 developers preview build 5. Xcode of course is the tool-set Apple provides for building applications for the Mac OS X and the iOS platforms. Apple TV Beta 4 has also been released for Apple TV which is also available only to the developers registered with Apple’s developers program.


The new Xcode preview has a more refined user interface and some really smart features such as Apple’s LLVM compiler which is capable of detecting and even correcting the the mistakes that you make when writing your your code on it’s own. SDK’s  of mac OS X and iOS are present in Xcode 4.2 along with other tools to set you up for the development of applications for Mac and iDevices. Below is Apple’s official description for the Xcode 4.2 developers preview 5.

Xcode is the complete toolset for building Mac OS X and iOS applications — and with Xcode 4, the tools have been redesigned to be faster, easier to use, and more helpful than ever before. The Xcode IDE understands your project’s every detail, identifies mistakes in both syntax and logic, and will even fix your code for you. Quite simply, Xcode 4 will help you write better code.

With Apple Tv beta 4 installed on your Apple TV(second generation), you can couple it with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running on the iOS 5 Beta 5 to try out their compatibility and the feel of the new features such as iPad 2 screen mirroring, Facetime mirroring and photostream etc. Most probably these would be the last of the Beta versions before the final versions are released for general public as well. If you own a developers account you can head over to Apple’s developer website and start tinkering with these new offerings.

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